Book Design


To date, we’ve designed in Adobe InDesign hundreds of functional covers encompassing a range of various genres—schoolbooks, medical materials, mathematical texts, historical volumes, law and reference books, and so many other assorted publications. We also create outstanding children’s book selections and smart-looking fiction and non-fiction covers. Over the last ten years, our happy clients across Scandinavia have been delighted by our output, so much so that they keep coming back for more!

At Have a Book, we take pride in our highly talented, top-notch design team. With an exceptional sense of aesthetics, boundless enthusiasm, and keen intuition—all gained through years of practical experience and positive interactions with satisfied clients—the team’s cover design work always meets and often surpasses customer expectations. Who could design a better outcome than that?

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What makes us stand out

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    Twenty years’ experience in the publishing industry gives Have a Book an instinctual creative edge that the competition hates and our clientele celebrates!

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    Everyone on the Have a Book team loves experimenting and innovating; we’re always on top of the newest developments in graphic design. As a result, our approach to the design needs of our clients is always filtered through the most up-to-the-minute design philosophies possible.

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    The Have a Book team is comprised of brilliant and highly educated graphic designers from schools such as University of Arts, London. They’re the best in the business when it comes to great-looking graphic design.

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    We are a company infused with a childlike sense of wonder balanced by a strong foundation of professional maturity. It strikes a delicate balance that energizes the company and enriches the team! Overall, our organisational culture is defined by energy, achievement, and high performance. All of it geared toward full support of our clients’ goals.

What do we do?

Book Design


We fashion fabulous covers for a panoply of printed books and e-books. The work ranges from plain and simple (some text and maybe a picture) to simply striking (such as a series of detailed illustrations and photographs arranged artfully amid complex graphics and multimedia content).

Book Design


We design according to our strong aesthetic sense, combining the team’s talent and the client’s taste. By coordinating typography in tandem with the colour choices, we create an incredible cover that can’t help but take your breath away!

Book Design


We work with Have a Book customers to figure out the best image solutions, then help them find those images amid the vast number of high-quality stock image sources we make available.

Book Design


We guide clients in choosing the best cover finish for their project. Whether it’s debossing, foil, spot varnish, lamination, foil stamping, or another option, we’ll help pick the perfect option.


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